About me

Thank you for checking up on me.

My name is Ann Devon- a mother with two kids who likes to travel a lot. One of the countries I enjoy traveling in most is Paraguay.

Paraguay is a beautiful country despite its small size. This country has done every effort to manage and sustain its natural resources since its independent. This fact has kept the country in the first line in tourism sector. This factors makes this country attractive and when you visit you feel to go back or even become permanent resident.

The capital city, Asuncion.

This is the most interesting destination and capital city of Paraguay. It has large natural attraction and beautiful colonial architecture colonial.

Its beautiful nature.

Paraguay has many beautiful nature. Examples include, koi and Chorori hills, Monday waterfall, Vallemí Caverns, San Lazaro among others. They are major tourist attraction sites where people will admire to visit and make interesting news about the place.

Maintained tradition by the people.

Paraguay tradition is mostly maintained from traditional Guarani native customs and Spanish colonial. Their dancing is always inevitable to our eyes and for the fact that they are done in pure tradition.

Paraguay is such a beautiful tourist attraction site and everyone will give interesting news about it’s culture, people, nature and also tradition.

I will be writing to share with you my personal experience traversing this beautiful country.

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