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Celebrating a Typical Paraguay Wedding

The Fundamentals of a Paraguay Wedding

One of the most important things to keep in mind about modern Paraguayan weddings is the fact that they have a tendency to be very practical. People in Paraguay do not usually spend anywhere near as much money on a wedding as the people in the United States and many other cultures. In the United States, people will often spend nearly a year’s salary on weddings. Paraguay is generally not a rich country, and many of the people in Paraguay will not have the ability or even the inclination to spend on this level.

Paraguayan couples will typically save for their own weddings. Their parents will not usually pay for the weddings, and the includes the bride’s family. Paraguayan couples generally believe that it is more important to focus on what the wedding symbolizes than on the decorations or the feasts. There isn’t a huge wedding industry in Paraguay, so Paraguayan young adults did not grow up listening to the importance of having a wedding fit for a fairy tale. They care more about fairy tale marriages. Paraguay Wedding

It is a widespread tradition to have the wedding a night in Paraguay. Brides will usually borrow their dresses, and many other aspects of the ceremony and decorations will be borrowed. The couple will usually deliver their wedding invitations personally as well, given the problems with the Paraguay postal system. Wedding receptions will have music, but they will not have dancing except for the Blue Danube Waltz. The Christian influence in Paraguayan culture has created a situation in which most dances are frowned upon at weddings.

Celebrating a Paraguay Wedding

Lots of people from the United States and similar cultures are surprised to learn that Paraguayan wedding gifts are as practical as Paraguayan wedding ceremonies. This is not a culture that has wedding gift registries. Many Paraguayan couples are going to be happy with receiving almost anything, but they are going to vastly prefer the most practical gifts possible.

Giving a couple from this culture something romantic and impractical is not going to go over well. This is a culture in which people are going to be much happier with silverware, bed sheets, and towels than they would be with necklaces and cuff links. In fact, couples who received such gifts would probably sell them in order to help start their new lives together anyway. Giving the new couple gift money is also very popular.

Show your partner how much you love them

Everyone wants to be loved and if you show your partner how much you love them, it will have a very positive impact on your relationship. How you communicate your love is individual to you. You can use words, actions, touch and gifts to make your partner feel loved whether you’ve been together for days or for years.

Express your lovepartners_love

Love can be expressed through words, time spent together, with gifts, with physical touch and through actions. For some people, time spent together is more precious than a gift and for others it’s the reverse. Knowing what makes your partner feel loved is therefore important as what one likes may be very different to the other. It’s a simple conversation to find out the things you need to feel loved.

Treasure your partner

Make a note of important dates such as their birthday, anniversaries and other celebrations like St. Valentine’s day or New Year. Give a gift that fits their personality and style. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you’ve put some thought into the present. Whilst chocolates and flowers will be appreciated for St. Valentine’s day by the woman in your life, consider a longer-lasting gift for Valentine’s day such as a personalised bracelet with both of your initials or with a phrase that is personal to you both.

Show support

Love can be shown through thoughtful actions too. Taking on extra chores when they are unwell or working late is a small gesture that means a lot. If they are changing their diet to lose a bit of weight, don’t buy chocolates but instead treat them to something that supports their new lifestyle. If in doubt, ask your partner or if you want it to be a surprise, ask their close friends.

Just the two of you

Make time just for the two of you without interruption from kids or technology. Go for a walk or on a vacation together where your main focus is your partner, or do something fun together on a ‘date night’. Make daily routines a sign that you cherish your partner. Go to bed at the same time. Always kiss them before they leave the house.

Alone time

At times when your partner needs time to focus on something, give them space. And take it when you need it for yourself. You may both want time when you see your own friends or perhaps you have a hobby the other does not share. Support your partner to take the time out they want to do what they need to do for themselves. This will be very much appreciated and likely the favour will be returned.

Appreciate your partner

Give genuine compliments. When your partner looks sexy, tell them so. When they’ve fixed a problem or done something for you, say thank you. Surprise them with a little note of thanks on their pillow at the end of the day or a small gift of something you’ll know they’ll like.

Share emotionally with your partnerlovemates

Laughter releases feel-good hormones, so show your love with your sense of humour. Enjoy being silly together and ensure that your ability to laugh together is always a part of your relationship.

Don’t protect each other from the difficult things you are going through, but instead listen to your partner share their feelings without interrupting. Not everyone wants their problems fixed, they may just want you to offer emotional support so they find their own solution.

Accept weaknesses and strengths

We all make mistakes. It’s what being human is all about. Accept your partner’s weaknesses with the same willingness that you accept their strengths. You’re a team and it could be that you balance each other out very well with your own strengths and weaknesses.

Be forgiving

Be free with your forgiveness, even when it’s difficult to do so. Your partner is going to make mistakes in your relationship, but it is unlikely they deliberately set out to hurt you or you them.

It’s worth making time to talk about your relationship to find out how you can better show your love for each other. Agree to find ways forward to improve your life together. It’s worth the investment of time to keep your relationship strong.

A honeymooning in Paraguay

Paris may be one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations, but more and more people are choosing to take the proverbial road less traveled. Going on a honey moon to Paraguay is more popular these days. Paris is a lovely place, but it doesn’t always have favorable weather. People can visit the South American natural paradise of Paraguay for the excellent weather, the sightseeing, and so much more.

People can have a great holiday in Paraguay at almost any point throughout the year, but newlyweds will get the best results if they honeymoon in Paraguay from April to September. They will have to cope with some crowds at these points during the year, but that shouldn’t make too much of a different for them.Asuncion

Many people speak English in Paraguay. However, it is still a good idea for vacationers to know some Spanish. The Spanish speakers of the world should not have any trouble getting by in Paraguay, where Spanish is one of the official languages. Many people around the world speak Spanish, so this is not a holiday that is going to require a lot of homework for anyone.

Places to Visit in Paraguay

People can start with the lovely city of Asunción when they start their Paraguay honeymoons. The cuisine is great, the bazaars are packed, the nightlife is fantastic, and the streets are full of welcoming locals. The House of Independence and the City Cathedral are among the best sites in Asunción

People looking for the best honeymoon in the area should go to the Gran Hotel del Paraguay. While getting a reservation there is difficult, it is certainly well worth the effort. This hotel manages to really capture the history and culture of the area beautifully. The architecture is very old and traditional, and there are gorgeous outdoor gardens surrounding the area.

The Gran Hotel del Paraguay is really a wonderful tourist destination in its own right. Bolsi is one of the largest and best restaurants in Asunción, as are Tierra Colorada Gastro and La Cabrera. This is an area that places a gAsuncion peoplereat deal of emphasis on fine cuisine, in contrast to the parts of the world where cuisine is merely functional. People can have all of their senses stimulated in this part of the world.

The Bridge of Friendship may be one of the most romantic locations on the planet, and honeymooners should definitely visit it during their Paraguay vacations. Ciudad del Este has some of the most beautiful architecture that people could ever hope to see.

Paraguay really is a place that has it all. People can enjoy a wide range of different outdoor activities there. They can also appreciate the gorgeous old churches, museums, and other cultural landmarks in any area that has a great deal of history. Visiting Americans who are used to a world in which everything was built last week are going to find that Paraguay is utterly different. Paraguay, especially many parts of Asunción, is as eternal as love.